Ortakent Yahşi Yalısı, Bodrum


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We have a healthy menu with organic vegetables grown in the garden.

Bodrum has not developed so many years and almost everyone grow their own vegetables in the garden.Bodrum has changed, we grew up, but the roots of the family tradition of farming has not changed at all.
we make our jams for breakfast from bergamot, citrus, grapefruit, tangerine orange, peach, mulberry and lemon, which are grown in our own garden all winter.
Our olives on the table are the product of our own olive groves, our own oil obtained from the olives we collect and squeeze.
to enjoy the sea, which turns into a lake at sunset ...
Our breakfast plate; white cheese, cheddar cheese, precipitate cheese, green-black olives, salami, homemade jam honey, butter tomato, cucumber, greens, egg ...
We grow many of our edible vegetables, and we run our kitchen with the logic and meticulousness of a home kitchen, and we will have a habit that we will continue for many years to persist in changing Bodrum habits.
Okra with olive oil
Bodrum leek with olive oil
Leaf wrap
stuffed zucchini flowers
Cretan ravioli
Turkish style moussaka
Argentine meatballs
Eggplant imambayıldı
Green beans with olive oil
Purslane dish with olive oil
Assorted vegetables in the oven
Oven pasta with vegetables
Pumpkin with dill in olive oil
Rice with tomatoes
Bulgur rice with vegetables
Then, beneath our terrace by the sea, is to enjoy the silence, to enjoy the sea, which turns into a lake at sunset ...
Our dinners are candlelight in a romantic setting by the beach ...
Our menu appeals to every person.

Chicken thigh with rice
Grilled meat balls
Meatballs in Dalyan
Izmir meatball
Grilled chicken
Chicken schnitzel
Grilled seabream
Grilled seabass
Meat saute
Chicken saute
Chicken in curry sauce


Garden Salad

Seasonal greens with olive oil and lemon sauce

Aegean Salad

Seasonal greens, tomatoes, grated with feta cheese

Chicken salad

Grilled chicken slices with seasonal greens, powdered permasan

Tuna salad

Seasonal greens, roasted peppers with capers

Grilled Helim Salad

Seasonal greens, grilled halloumi, with pesto sauce

Arugula with Buckwheat

Boiled buckwheat, arugula

Meat & Chicken

Meatballs from Argentina
Baked Meatballs, French fries, yogurt and tomato sauce
Grilled Tenderloin
Mushroom sauce, 180 gr tenderloin, rice with mushrooms, grilled vegetables and french fries
Grilled Ribeye
Rice with mushrooms, grilled vegetables and french fries
Chicken schnitzel
With rice and potato salad


Potato Pan
Potato wedges
Sausage Potatoes
White Cheese-Watermelon
Grilled Halloumi-Watermelon
Fried Basket Cheese
Sunbed Basket 1
Sunbed Basket 2


Spaghetti with Bolonez Sauce
Tomato Spaghetti with Basil
Penne Arabiatta
Fettuçini Alfredo
Home Ravioli
Crete Manti


Cheddar Toast
Toasted Cheese
Ayvalik Toast


Daily Dessert Types

Sea products

Fried calamari
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