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Beautiful Resort for Families with Children

Beautiful Resort for Families with Children


Many families who want to go to hotels and have a holiday have a big problem. Most families have many problems in hotels and holiday villages due to their children. That is why there are even families who cannot have a nice holiday or even go on holiday. In order to avoid this problem, hotels should also take into account the activities of families with children and design their hotels accordingly. In a serious sense, hotels that care about this situation have earned more and served more people and made many people happy. So if you are a family with children, you should be careful when searching the hotel.

Considerations in Hotel Selection

When choosing a hotel, we need to consider our needs and wishes. The activities we will do there have a decisive effect. If you want to swim if you go to a hotel without sea and pool is exactly as you want you can not make a holiday. If you want to ski later, you should choose a warm seaside if you want to surf the snow center. Considering such extreme differences, your wishes and needs are very important.


Ideal Hotel for Families with Children


One of the most important things in order to avoid your holiday pleasure is your child. Children as well as family elders have the right to have fun. So if you go in summer and love to swim, we recommend you to visit our website Because many of them will meet your expectations will not stay in your mind when swimming in this hotel because children’s pool is not the only service of our hotel. When you take your first step with the hotel, you will find comfort and convenience and you will be happy. There is a swimming pool for families with children as well as a playground. In these parks, your children will have a good time and not disturb you, and they will enjoy their holiday.

Why Yilmaz hotel?


The above mentioned one will be enough for you to enter our page and make reservations but we still talk about some more hotel facilities. You can make a reservation by clicking the link It will be the right choice for a holiday where you will be satisfied with reasonable price ranges and high service. Our hotel is clean, cheap and modern.


The hotel and its surrounding area are away from the moving vehicle traffic, so a safe playground for children …


The deep sea is a sandy beach where children can play comfortably.


24/7 pediatrician,


Affordable rates for child-friendly accommodation for families: (0-6 years free, 7-12 years 50% discount)


The rooms, the garden and the sea are very close to each other, making it easier for children to follow, and they can easily run and play.


Children-friendly menu and drinks (burgers, meatball chips, pasta types, fruit juices ..)


Delicious homemade cakes and donuts served daily (including the beach),


TV room showing the indispensable cartoon channels of children (Cartoon Networks etc …).


Nightly carer for children aged 9 – 12 years, if requested in advance for families


Various restaurants and bars within a 10-minute walk


Daily boat trips within a 5-minute walk


Wireless Internet


Meals made with organic vegetables collected from our own garden

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