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Ortakent Yilmaz Hotel | Boutique Hotel | Pet Friendly Hotel

Sunrise over the sea

Sunrise over the sea

Nice Breakfast Place by the Sea

The most important and healthy meal of the morning meal is the undisputed breakfast. Breakfast is a must-have meal for a fit day. With a nice breakfast, many of them are protected from health problems and have a high immunity body. Your most important priority is to consume natural products. Because, unhealthy and unhealthy foods, especially cardiovascular diseases, many of them cause disease. Therefore, the food should be taken into consideration if you go out to eat a familiar and good place to go.

Sea Side Breakfast

The seaside is a tranquil place that gives you quite peace. These places are especially nice places to spend time on weekends. Having a nice time with nature and making a nice breakfast will help you to get away from work and daily life stress. They always want to spend time in such peaceful places. People like hotels and similar places prefer such places. We welcome you to and you can make a reservation for a quiet and peaceful time.Places to VisitPeople, especially on holidays, want to spend a quiet and beautiful day with their families. So they may want to go to a hotel where they can make a holiday though. If you have such a plan and your goal by clicking on the link very unique and peaceful time you can spend our hotel. We would like to say that many of the guests are waiting for you. On the sea you can make a holiday with natural beauties such as sunriseVery nice breakfast while waiting for your holiday is beautiful. You can make a reservation by clicking You can benefit from the price discounts by making an early reservation..The contribution of breakfast to our social lifebreakfast is not a meal to be underestimated or to be crossed. From breakfast to be eaten at breakfast, everything is important. There are some foods that are essential for breakfast and should not be missing. Honey, molasses, jams, cheese, olives, milk, tea, coffee, eggs, cream, cucumbers, tomatoes.


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